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Works involving Chinese poetry

All following works involving Chinese poetry include my personal English translations on their respective pages. Please note that instead of adhering strictly to the original texts, my translations embody my interpretations, occasionally taking artistic liberties, as a creative artist. Consequently, they can serve as guides to understanding how I construe my own compositions.

Tang Dynasty poets

Li Bai 李白 (701-762)


"Hard is the Road to Sichuan"《蜀道難》

Bai Juyi 白居易 (772-846)

Fireward Feast 歸宴

"Parting by the Grass on the Old Plains"《賦得古原草送別》(excerpt)

Song Dynasty poets

Li Qingzhao 李清照 (1084-1155)

...rains of ink... 雨墨

Last night, rain was light...《如夢令·昨夜雨疏風驟》

Pleasant is spring...《浣溪沙·淡蕩春光寒食天》

Amidst the grass, chirping crickets...《行香子·草際鳴蛩》

Tears wet the silken clothes, full of rouge...《蝶戀花·淚濕羅衣脂粉滿》

Searching, searching...《聲聲慢·尋尋覓覓》

Who planted a banana tree in front of the window...《添字醜奴兒·窗前誰種芭蕉樹》

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