composer · pianist

solemn rites - daqu for orchestra no. 1 (2014)



duration: ca. 11 min. 

premiere performance: october 2015, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, China

China National Opera House Symphony Orchestra

Yang Yang, conductor


The premature deaths of friends gave me the idea of writing this piece. Their sudden passing forever changed the lives of the people around them. The reason why I believe that they died prematurely is because they were sacrificed by the society’s greed and destroyed by the dogmas of a false hope, as the result of people believing that they were more intelligent than they actually were. Their life, just like this piece, is an emotional journey, one from a pleasant life and hopeful future to a destroyed life of sacrifice.

The piece is loosely based on the classical Chinese dance form “Daqu”, which is divided into three large sections. The first section, “Sanxu”, meaning “scattered section”, is scattered in terms of orchestration and melodic material, resulting in quick changes in texture and the constant appearances of new materials. The second section, “Zhongxu”, meaning “middle section”, is a funeral song and march, acting as an emotional filter for music that comes after. The third section, “Po”, meaning “break”, is the recapitulation of the first section. This section combines the musical material of the first section, and the emotions of the second section, completing

the process of falling from grace and the deterioration of life, expressing people’s hopelessness and the frangibility of human life.

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