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chen yihan


composer | pianist

For me, art emanates from a love for life. It embraces the human yet can transcend individual and collective limitations, whether historical or cultural. Serving as a rite for experiencing unknown possibilities, art takes us to places beyond imagination. Guided by this conviction, I create.


Recent Stories

Yihan has received a commission from the China National Centre for the Performing Arts to compose a new orchestral piece.


Yihan, in collaboration with composers Wang Delong and Norvin Tu-Wang, has finalized the score for the forthcoming feature film, "Manifesto." The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Allan Wilson, performed the soundtrack. Directed by Hou Yong, the film stars Liu Ye, Hu Jun, and Janice Man, and is set for release in theaters across China on March 24th, 2023.


Yihan has composed a new piece titled "EHOHE" for baroque violin and electronics, which will be showcased in violinist Julia Glenn's upcoming solo album. Based on the poetry of Li Bai, a renowned Tang Dynasty poet, Yihan fuses historical Chinese phonology, traditional recitation, traditional instrumental techniques, and music technology to create this distinctive piece. The world premiere of "EHOHE" is scheduled for March 3rd, 2023, at the Slosberg Recital Hall at Brandeis University.


Yihan has recently completed a new orchestral composition, "Fireward Feast," commissioned by the China National Centre for the Performing Arts.




In February 2022, the China National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra, led by Chen Lin, performed Yihan's orchestral work, "Aloneness Arcs."




Yihan concluded the second half of his residency at the Copland House in October 2021. Located in Cortlandt Manor's lower Hudson River Valley, the Copland House is the historical residence where Aaron Copland, a celebrated and influential figure in American music history, lived and worked during the last three decades of his life (1960-1990).

Sample Works

Don't You Know?

a multimedia concert inspired by traditional Chinese poetry recitation


work for orchestra

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