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Reimagining Tradition in the 21st Century


chen yihan

contemporary musician

composer | pianist

Music, for me, is primarily an emotional vehicle. Through it, I embrace meaning in the human experience. Yet, music can transcend individual and collective limitations, whether historical or cultural. Serving as a rite into unknown possibilities, it can guide us to places beyond our imagination. With this conviction, I create.



a Chen Yihan recordfeat. Dai Wei & Julia Glenn

Whither is my debut personal record, featuring three original songs set to the lyrics of Li Qingzhao, a seminal figure in Chinese literature, commemorating her 940th anniversary. This collaborative work showcases Dai Wei on vocals and Julia Glenn on the violin.

Utilizing historically authentic Song Dynasty Chinese pronunciation and traditional poetry recitation from my hometown, Changzhou, Whither serves as a portal from the past to the present. I invite you to embark on a journey with me, where academic research, cultural roots, and contemporary sonic worlds converge.

三瘦封面 2dori.png

Cover Photo by Lychee Art

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