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Media-Based Music



a Chen Yihan record, feat. Dai Wei & Julia Glenn

Whither is my debut personal record, featuring three original songs set to the lyrics of Li Qingzhao, a seminal figure in Chinese literary history, commemorating her 940th anniversary. This collaborative work showcases Dai Wei on vocals and Julia Glenn on the violin.

Utilizing historically authentic Song Dynasty Chinese pronunciation and traditional poetry recitation from my hometown, Changzhou, Whither serves as a portal from the past to the present. I invite you to embark on a journey with me, where academic research, cultural roots, and contemporary sonic worlds converge.



work for baroque violin and electronics, commissioned by violinist Julia Glenn

Based on the poetry of Li Bai, a renowned Tang Dynasty poet, Yihan fuses historical Chinese phonology, traditional recitation, traditional instrumental techniques, and music technology to create this piece. 

11 mins.


A multimedia work based on the renowned poetry of Li Qingzhao, the most esteemed female poet in Chinese history and one of the most cherished Chinese authors of all time.

This collaborative project, co-created by Min Xiao-FenHowie Kenty, and François-Thibaut Pencenat, aims to preserve and celebrate both oral and literary traditions. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Changzhou poetry recitation, a Chinese national-level intangible cultural heritage, "Don't You Know?" showcases a confluence of the past and the present, giving new life to a fading tradition.

60 mins.

The Returning Geese


mini-musical, commissioned the Jiangsu Association of Overseas Chinese

15 mins.



feature-length film directed by Hou Yong

co-composers with Wang Delong and Norvin Tu-Wang

The film stars Liu Ye, Hu Jun, and Janice Man, and is set for release in theaters across China on March 24th, 2023.

The score was performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and was conducted by Allan Wilson. 

A Game of Chess



short film for the opening of the Second Chang'an Automobile Technology and Environmental Conference, produced by Dawa Technology


A Touch of Love


short film directed by Qinting Wang

co-composer with Bofan Zhang

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