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ƎHOHE (2022)


work for baroque violin and electronics, commissioned by violinist Julia Glenn

Based on the Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai’s poem “Shǔdào Nán”, yıhan has brought together historical Chinese phonology, traditional Chinese recitation, traditional Chinese instrumental techniques, and contemporary music technology for this piece.

11 mins.


work for chamber ensemble

10 mins.

wither (2019)


song cycle for soprano, clarinet, and piano

14 mins.

Roots (2018)


work for piano, commissioned by the Jiangsu Association of Overseas Chinese

5 mins.

Notes from Paradise (2018)


work for piano

5 mins.

In the stillness of night... (2017)


work for violin duet

11 mins.

Rains of Ink (2019)


work for piano

30 mins.

Vox Gandharva (2017)


work for flute duo, commissioned by Mosaic Flute Duo

8 mins.

My Native Soil (2017)


work for piano

25 mins.

little rituals here and there (2017)


work for clarinet and piano

9 mins.

Our Outcry (2017)


work for cello and piano


11 mins.

desert dew - to Syrian refugees (2016)


work for flute, oboe, and tenor saxophone


14 mins.

Spirits - River (2015)


a piano sonata


23 mins.

Immolation (2014)

work for choir and cello


8 mins.

Misty Songs (2013)


work for flute and guitar


10 mins.

When Beneath the Perceptible (2012)


work for piano four-hands


8 mins.


A multimedia concert based on the poetry of Li Qingzhao, the most celebrated female poet in the Chinese tradition, as well as one of the most beloved Chinese authors of all time.


Co-created with Min Xiao-FenHowie Kenty, and François-Thibaut Pencenat, "Don't You Know?" is a creative effort to preserve a dying tradition, celebrating both oral and literary traditions. It is inspired by traditional Changzhou poetry recitation, a Chinese national level intangible cultural heritage.

60 mins.

—still— (2019)


work for trumpet, trombone, and electric guitar

8 mins.

Where might your home be? (2018)


work for clarinet, yangqin, and piano

8 mins.


work for violin and piano

10 mins.

Fallen Petals (2018)


song cycle for soprano and piano

13 mins.

Notes from New York (2017)


work for piano

11 mins.

Two Hokkien Songs from Taiwan (2017)


work for viola and piano, commissioned by Max Tan

6 mins.

Vulnerable City (2017)


mini-opera for soprano and piano

9 mins.

Verses from Beyond the Passes (2017)


song for soprano and piano

7 mins.

Contemplation on Purity (2017)


work for hichiriki and piano

9 mins.

I dream of string singing (2016)


work for violin and viola


6 mins.

Vanished Through Time (2015)


song cycle for soprano and piano


15 mins.

Odes of Affection (2015)


work for piano four-hands


5 mins.

Spirits - Rain (2013)


work for piano


10 mins.

Spirits - Frost (2012)


work for piano


6 mins.

Changong Qu (2012)


work for soprano solo


5 mins.

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